Fitness Tips For Women in Menopause


Women in menopause age experience a lot of body changes in terms of hormone imbalance such that they have sleep problems, mood swings, hot flashes and other problems. Routines for such women can help a lot especially in the prevention of chronic diseases such as breast cancer and heart attacks. Tips for women in menopause can be many and varied but the best thing is to follow whatever works out for you.

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During menopause, chances of weight increase are high which has its side effects too hence fitness tips for women in menopause comes in handy. Fitness activities at this time should be simple and not very intense because at this time the woman’s bones may not be very strong to stand rough exercises because of the advanced age.

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Fitness tips for women at this time revolve around doing activities that can help to reduce menopause symptoms. It is wise to consult a doctor before doing any fitness routine especially if you are experiencing adverse menopause symptoms.

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